CDMA Certification Forum
"For a small company like the CDMA Certification Forum, which nevertheless has to maintain accurate and efficient communications with many large global companies, it has been extremely beneficial for us that we can count on Barsa and Company to perform many functions on our behalf. Their understanding of matters above and beyond purely financial considerations relating to the running of our organization maintains a high satisfaction level from our member companies, and allows my team to focus on the more technical and relationship issues of our business. These aservices are provided in a very cost-efficient manner, all while being a very friendly and pleasant team with which to work."
-Bruce Jolly, General Manager, CDMA Certification Forum

"The range of services that Barsa & Company delivers to my company and I prove more valuable each day. They take the burden off our shoulders so we can focus on why we're in business, while they focus on our growing company's financial needs.  Their team keeps us running smoothly and eliminates the need for us to hire and manage an internal accounting staff or a CFO."
-Andy Abramson, CEO, Comunicano

VitaFlow, Inc.
"As an early stage company, Jo Barsa and Barsa & Company have been valuable members of our team. They are extremely knowledgeable and their business experience has given us insignt into our business.  They are warm and friendly as well as candid and direct.  Highly responsive and trustworthy! Just the best!"
-Kay Zurn, President, BMSI/VitaFlow, Inc.

ZWC, Inc. (Seals Health Care)
"Barsa & Company has been our outsourced Controller and CPA since our inception.  Their attention to detail, easy access and insightful assistance helping us attain our financial goals has been extremely valuable."
-Alfredo Zarate, Jr., President, ZWC, Inc.

Blue Sky Broadcast
"We have trusted our accounting services to Barsa & Company since 2007 and find them to be very responsive and effective to our growing needs."
-Phil Forte, CEO, Blue Sky Broadcast

"Our clients make it a joy to come to work each day. I am constantly inspired by their creativity, their energy, and the courage they demonstrate as they pursue their vision."
-Jo Barsa, CPA, Owner & CEO


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